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Jose Gonzalez » Spanish I and II

Spanish I and II




My name is Jose Gonzalez (or Señor Gonzalez). I am Grand Lake’s Spanish I and Spanish II teacher. I am very excited to be your teacher (probably again) this year. This is going to be my 6th year in Grand Lake, and I just love it. I really enjoy the school, and the whole community.




I have a Master’s degree in Secondary Education (Spanish), an AP Spanish Certification, a FLES (Foreign Language for Elementary Schools) certification, a Louisiana Level 1 Teaching Certification, and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from a renowned university at my home state: Yucatan.




I have been teaching for around 21 years (twelve in Mexico, and this is my ninth school year here in US). I have taught every single level from PK-3 all the way through 16th ! (Senior year in college).



A little bit about me/my favorites:


I am very active person (may be too active for some people), and I really enjoy teaching my native language (Spanish, of course). I have always wanted to be a teacher even when no one in my family was a teacher before me.


Besides teaching, I love playing sports (soccer, running/jogging, basketball, ping-pong…), and I also enjoy playing music (my favorite instruments are the African djembe, I have around 15 of them!, and the Middle Eastern darbouka). They are not the “typical” instruments, and that is why I find them very mesmerizing.


In my free time, when I am not playing sports or music, I am watching movies…if you know about a good movie worth watching, please let me know, suggestions are very welcomed! 




Gracias for your time reading, and learning a little bit more about me, and I look forward to working with you,


Señor Gonzalez





Spanish class schedule:
  • 1st period   Spanish II
  • 2nd period  Spanish II
  • 3rd period   Conference
  • 4th period   Spanish I
  • 5th period   Spanish I
  • 6th period   Spanish I
  • 7th period   Spanish II