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Teacher Hornet Spotlight of the Month

Our teacher spotlight of the month has been in the classroom for 4 years, and for the past 2 years, she has been at Grand Lake High School. She has been known to show compassion for each and every one of her students. Her students know how much she cares for them, and she is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. She wears a smile every day, no matter the circumstances. As described by a coworker, “She glows with positivity and spreads it to the students each day.” One student explained that our Hornet Spotlight tries her best to help her students understand all subjects, not just the one she teaches. Another explained that when she thinks about school, she thinks about our Hornet Spotlight, and this makes her feel good about school! Beyond her passion for teaching and her students, our spotlight assists on several committees ensuring that the events run smoothly. Overall, our spotlight has a genuine heart and wants what is best for the school, students, and staff. She is a perfect example of a Hornet. Congratulations Mrs. Nici Babineaux!

Support Staff Hornet Spotlight of the Month

Our support staff spotlight of the month is very new to the halls of GLHS and has been employed at GLHS for one month. Her work in her short time at GLHS has been noticed by several employees with many bragging on her clean hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms. When crossing our Hornet Spotlight as she works, she is always happy and greets everyone who passes. She truly enjoys her job and takes pride in ensuring GLHS is clean and presentable. We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication she has already shown for GLHS. Congratulations Ms. Stormy Richmond.

Student Hornet Spotlight of the Month:

Our student spotlight of the month is a seventh-grade student at Grand Lake High School. Last year was her first year at GLHS, and she has made Grand Lake her home. Our spotlight is a member of the GLHS Junior High basketball team, and outside of school, she loves to sing. She is always seen in the classroom and hallways with a smile on her face, offering a cheerful greeting when passing her by. Our spotlight is described as “the nicest girl I have ever met and lights up every room she walks into with her smile.” She is a great friend to many, offering support to make her friends feel better about school. She strives to do well in school and to make sure everyone feels loved and welcomed. She is a smiling example of a Grand Lake Hornet. Congratulations Deborah Murillo!

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