Louisiana Caring Communities Youth Survey
Students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 will participate in a survey on substance abuse, school dropout, delinquency, and violence. The survey is the Louisiana Caring Communities Youth Survey (CCYS) and will be administered during the period March 8-12, 2021. Please click on the parent letter (above) for more information regarding this survey.
If you DO NOT want your child to participate in the survey, complete the consent form (above) and return it to the office by the deadline - March 5, 2021.
Only send the consent form to the office if you are declining your child's participation in the survey. 
Picture day is Thursday, December 3rd. It is a free dress day for students. Please adhere to the free dress code policy found in the student handbook. No athletic shorts, no jeans with holes, no negative references to drugs or alcohol, etc. Order forms went home with student prior to Picture Day. The order form can be downloaded below. 
GL Basketball Roster Shirts are on sale now!
Basketball roster shirts will be sold through Friday, December 4th. All orders must be received by Friday at 3pm.  Delivery of shirts is tentative for December 14th. See order form below. 
GLHS Winter Wear Hoodies & Long Sleeve Shirts are going on sale for a second round in the high school office! (See the hoodie/shirt design below). Prices vary according to size but start at $15.00 for long sleeve shirts and $22.00 for hoodies. Order forms can be picked up in the high school office or by printing the form below. Orders accepted through December 17th. Get yours today!
GLHS - Grades 7-12
Edgenuity Resources
Click on the Edgenuity resources below for quick start up tips, troubleshooting, and progress monitoring of your student.
GLHS School Start Information for Grades 7-12
- Beginning of the Year Paperwork: The paperwork is online this year. Complete the paperwork using the link below for students in grades 7-12 prior to the start of school in order for your child to receive their chrome book on the first day of school.
- Seniors 1st Day: All Seniors are required to attend the first day of school in order to review policies and procedures for the start of the school year. First bell rings at 7:45 am. 
- Schedules: Students can print their schedules from the Student Progress Center on Thursday, August 13th. A paper schedule will be given to all students on the first day of school. 
- Water Bottles: Water fountains will not be accessible. Water bottles will be provided to students. Students will also be allowed  to bring a bottle of water to school daily. Only water bottles with a screw on cap will be permitted. 
- High School Parent Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure: Parents of students in grades 7-12 who will be picking up/dropping off will drive in by the Grand Lake Recreation Center on the east side of the school.  Vehicles will turn onto Hornet Drive and turn left into the gravel driveway between the baseball field and the high school building. Students will exit/enter at the awning at the end of the front sidewalk. Drop-Off Time: 7:15 -7:45 am. Pick-Up Time: 3:16 - 3: 45 pm. 
- Safety Guidelines: GLHS will follow all CDC and LDH safety guidelines. Please practice social distancing six feet apart while on our campus. Consistently wash your hands throughout the day. Wearing a mask is highly recommended. 
School Supplies - Grades 7-12
School supplies for students in grades 7-12 have arrived! Students will receive their supplies on the first day of school. These supplies include: 2 binders, 4 packs of loose-leaf paper, 1 pack of dividers, highlighters, pencils, ink pens, and note cards. Students in grades 7-12 will not be charged a school supply fee this year. Specific supplies, for example, calculators, lab fees, and vocational supplies, are not included and will be the responsibility of the student. Supply lists will be given out by the teachers on the first day of school for additional items. 
Student Schedules
Student Schedules for grades 7-12 will be available online the day before school starts. You can access student schedules through the Student Progress Center under the Parent tab. Students will be given a paper copy of their schedule the first day of school. 
School Uniforms
Regular uniform t-shirts are available for purchase now in the elementary office. 
We are introducing a new uniform shirt this year! The dri-fit performance shirt for Grand Lake High School students in grades 7-12 goes on sale today, August 3rd, for pre-order. The deadline to order is August 26th. All order forms for students in grades 7-12 must be submitted to the high school office. Order forms can be found here on the website, on the Grand Lake Hornets Yearbook Facebook page, and in the high school foyer at the school. 
School Spirit Socks are available for purchase also!
Student Progress Center New User Instructions
If you need to set up on the Student Progress Center as a new user, instructions are provided below. 
Student Identification Number
Any parent needing their child's student identification number can access the SID number through the Student Progress Center.